GIS & Remote Sensing

Geographic Information System is a system of compiling, storage, manipulation and presentation of data and information. Rural Focus has specialized staff with high-end software and hardware capabilities to perform all GIS-related tasks. Our services range from field data collection over large areas to small-scale high detailed designs. We employ the vast capability of the ArcGIS platform coupled with various dynamic open source and propriety analytical programs and software to give high-quality spatial analytics and presentations. Vested in the dynamics of GIS, RFL staff keeps up with current technologies through constant education and certifications to keep up with the growing technology.

Data Collection View Projects

Rfl has been involved in large scale spatial data collection on water sources of most of Kenyans ASAL Counties .This is done by mobilizing field teams with hand held gps and mobile gadgets to collect data in the field. This data is uploaded electronically to the office for post processing and analysis.

Geo-Statistical Analysis View Projects

RFL has highly qualified staff that unlocks the power of your data according to the expected outcomes. Mathematical manipulation of data and information is a key core expertise from RFL that allows for highly scientific research ranging from groundwater analytics to surface water runoff potentials and their effect on landforms and cultures(socially, economically and environmentally).

GIS Institutionalization View Projects

Rural focus has under various projects managed to instill the discipline of the need for GIS implementation on various institutions to help in the management of natural resources. This has been done for various government ministries, parastatals and private organizations to streamline management of resources with location data to help make better decisions on development and conservation.

Training and Services View Projects

RFL offers on-premises support and training of GIS technology on client basis to help professionals on the application of geographical thoughts into water resource management and capacity building.

Multi-Criteria Decision Analytics View Projects

RFL employs highly trained professionals in various fields of study to come up with multifaceted analytics to guide in the implementation of decisions in environmental management, social capacity building, water resource monitoring, engineering designing, water supply & sanitation, Organizational & project support and agricultural development projects. This ensures the best possible scenario planning on a given task.

Data Presentation and Cartography View Projects

RFL has specialized expertise in cartographic designs and spatial data presentation ranging from small size paper maps, large format maps, web maps and specialized mobile and desktop application maps according to client needs and specifications.

Database Design View Projects

RFL has skilled personnel in spatial databases creation and management for various needs ranging from storage of raw data to inbuilt data analytics and presentation. Databases expertise of RFL include Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL and GoogleCloudSQL.